Guide to Using a Pinback Button






















A promotional pinback button has many uses. It is a fun advertising tool.


We have seen the standard pin buttons being used around for years. We had them handed to use and we had proudly worn them to support the subject of cause in question. The buttons are displayed for a time and then case aside until needed again.


If you have a political opinion, a favorite candidate, or a pressing cause you want to support, someone has a campaign button for that. Although not as popular as in past years, candidates still create pinback buttons supporters can wear on their shirts and dresses to display their smiling images and slogans I front of the voter. Although t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers all vie for attention, nothing is as basic or has such a long heritage as campaign buttons.


You can also use your pinback button even if you are not selling or promoting anything. This type of button displays a photo of a loved one or a beloved pet or special occasion. Buttons of this type serve as mementos and keepsakes and can be used as gifts for friends and family.


There are endless possibilities for uses of this type of button. You can use it as surprise to a birthday celebrant. You can plan for everyone to wear the button with the picture of the celebrant on it. Every family member and every guest will be given one to wear for the party. The photo could also have the date of the celebration beneath it to make the perfect keepsake.


Not everyone will wear or will want to keep a pinback button. However true this is you can always change to a magnet button instead of a pinback. Or, a mirror backed one. The magnet could become a refrigerator magnet or it could be attached to any metal surface like refrigerators, file cabinets and lockers, to display the keepsake proudly for years to come.


You can also use a mirror back button to create a memento for the ladies that can be used over and over as a purse accessory. After all, every lady needs a mirror in her purse for those quick makeup touch ups.


So whatever occasion you would like to commemorate with a promotional button, you should go ahead and give it a try. They are much more affordable than you think.


The most common use of the custom magnet buttons is, of course, to fasten together two pieces of cloth